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Updated 21 Sep 2021

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Irish Clans, Tribes and Septs
This section includes 'one-name' studies
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Updated 16 Sep 2021

* ALLEY, KENDALL: Alley/Kendall
   Extracts from Rosemary ffolliott's BMD's - LCC

* Ancient Ireland: Her Milesian Chiefs, Her Kings and Princes. - Her Great Men

   Her struggles for liberty. Her Apostle St. Patrick. - Her Religion
   By Martin A. O'Brennan, LL.D. (Dublin, 1855) - OL

Armagh Families

   Allen, Birks, Blackburn, Chapman, Creeth, Furphy, Gray, Hall, Johnson, Kane, [section missing] Redman, Robinson, Rountree, Strothers, Vaughan, Webb, Williamson, Winter
   By Thomas Stothers (Armagh, 2003) - FHB


   - Ball Family Records
     Ball families of Great Britain, Ireland and America
     By Rev William Ball Wright, M.A. (York, 1908) - FHB - copies in Linen Hall Library, Belfast; Dublin City Library
   - Records of Anglo-Irish Families of Ball
     By Rev William Ball Wright (Limited, Dublin, 1887) - Library of Congress catalogue 1919; copy in Linen Hall Library, Belfast


   - The Barringtons - A Family History
     A one-name study of Barringtons in England and Ireland; Death notice of the author on title page
     By Amy Barrington (For private circulation, Dublin, 1917) - Read my review on Google Books; copy in Belfast Central Library; 2 copies in Dublin City Library; NLI
   - Barrington's Edition of 'The Old Limerick Journal' - Vol 24
     Barrington families, mainly in Limerick
     By Various Authors (Limerick, 1988) - LCC

* BARRINGTON: The Earliest Barringtons in Ireland 1560 - 1800
   Index of Irish Barringtons
   By Peter J. Clarke (Saintfield, Co. Down, last updated Jun 2011) - website

* BARRON: Barron Lineage

   followed by 'Barron Family in America'; extract from 'American Family Antiquity' - Vol I
   By Albert Welles (New York, 1880) - OL

* BLAIR: Scotch and Irish Blairs
   Biographical Sketches
   By J. C. Blair (Reprint, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, 1894) - Library of Congress catalogue 1919

A Brief Account of the Fourteen Ancient families or 'Tribes' of the Town of Galway
   ... the 14 tribes together with their alleged 'familiar' characteristics:
   Athy, jealous
   Blake, positive
   Bodkin, bloody
   Browne, brave
   Darcy, stout
   Deane, devout
   Fonte, barren
   French, prating
   Joyce, merry
   Kirwan, careful
   Lynch, proud
   Martin, litigious
   Morris, plausible
   Skerrett, obstinate
   From Blake Family Records
   By Martin J. Blake (London, 1905) - OL - Tribes of Galway in: Wikipedia

* BOWLES: Bowles
   extracts from various records
   By Noel Murphy (Limerick, 2012) - LCC

* BRASIER: Brasier

   extracts from various records
   By Noel Murphy (Limerick, 2012) - LCC

* BRUCE: Book of Bruce

   Ancestors and Descendants of King Robert of Scotland; many Irish connections
   By Lyman Horace Weeks (New York, 1907) - OL


   - 3,500 Years of Burkes
     England, Ireland, America
    by EugeneLois and Bob Burke, illustrated by Amy Burke (Oklahoma City, 1988) FHB
   - Edmund Burke The Statesman and the Burkes of County Limerick
     By Robert Cussen, Limerick Leader (Limerick, 1958) - LCC - See also De Burgo

* BUTLER: Butler Family History
  An address given at Kilkenny Castle
   By Lord Dunboyne (Kilkenny, 1966?) - IA


CASSIDY: The Cassidy Clan - website - (surname) - Wikipedia
* CARR: Carr
   extracts from various sources
   By Noel Murphy (Limerick, 2012) - LCC

* CARY: Cary Lineage

   extract from 'American Family Antiquity' - Vol I
   By Albert Welles (New York, 1880) - OL

* CLANNA-RORY, or RUDRICIANS: Irish Family History

   Part I descendants of Roderick the Great, Monarch of Ireland; long list of Irish surnames
   By Richard Francis Cronnelly (Dublin, 1864) - OL - Part II contains Clan Eoghan, or Eoghanachts, descendants of Eoghan More or Eugene the Great - not found

Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland

   An Ethnography of the Gael A.D. 500 - 1750
   By C. Thomas Cairney, PhD. (USA, 1989) - Electric Scotland website

* CLARK: The Earliest Clarks in Ireland 1600 - 1800

   Index of Irish Clarks
   By Peter J. Clarke (Saintfield, Co. Down, last updated Jan 2011) - website

* CLARKE: The Earliest Clarkes in Ireland 1600 - 1800

   Index of Irish Clarkes
   By Peter J. Clarke (Saintfield, Co. Down, last updated Jan 2011) - website

* CLERKE: The Earliest Clerkes in Ireland 1600 - 1800

   Index of Irish Clerkes
   By Peter J. Clarke (Saintfield, Co. Down, last updated Jan 2011) - website

* CONLEY: Of Kings and Clans

   A Genealogical History of the Conley Clan from Ancient Times to the Present
   By Robert F. Conley (Scotch Plains, New Jersey, 1993) - FHB - Warning! Large File! - Conley in: Wikipedia

* CONNOR: Connor Lineage
   extract from 'American Family Antiquity' - Vol II
   By Albert Welles (New York, 1881) - OL

* COOKE: Cooke Lineage

   extract from 'American Family Antiquity' - Vol II
   By Albert Welles (New York, 1881) - OL


* DAXON: Daxon of County Clare
   By Noel Murphy (Limerick, 2012) - LCC

* De BURGO, BURKE: The De Burgo Clans

   The Clann David Burke and the Family of William, Sheriff of Connaught; Journal of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society - see also subsequent issues
   By H. T. Knox (Galway, 1903) - OL - See also Burke (above) - House of Burke in: Wikipedia

* DONALD: The Clan Donald Vol I - Vol II - Vol III

   By Rev. Angus MacDonald, Rev. Archibald MacDonald (Inverness, 1896, 1900) - OL

* DONALD, MacDONALD, McDONALD, McDONNELL: History of the Clan Donald

   in Scotland, England, Ireland
   By Henry Lee (New York, 1920) - FHB

* DONNELL: Notices of the Clan Ian Vor, or Clan-Donnell Scots

   Especially of the Branch settled in Ireland
   By George Hill, The Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Vol 9 (Belfast, 1862) - OL

* DUNGAN: The Dungan Source Book
   Dungans of County Dublin; places called Dunganstown; Appendix on Dongans, Dungans in Australia and New Zealand
   By Thomas P. Dungan (20 copies only, Privately printed Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2010) - FHB


   - Dunn Sept Association - website

Thomas Lalor Cooke
The Early History of the Town of Birr, or Parsonstown
   also the towns of Nenagh, Roscrea, Banagher, Tullamore, Philipstown, Frankford, Shinrone, Kinnetty and Ballyboy and the ancient Septs, Princes and Celbrated Places... List of Subscribers
   By Thomas Lalor Cooke (Dublin, 1875) - OL


   - The Eustaces of Co. Kildare
     By Rev. Denis Murphy, S.J., M.R.I.A. (Reprint from Co. Kildare Archaeological Society Vol. 1., No. 2, Session 1892) - IA

The Expansion of Two Royal Tribes of Connaught
   Journal of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society
   By H. T. Knox, M.R.I.A. (Galway, 1906) - OL

FITZPATRICK: Mac Giolla Phádraig Clan Society - website
* FERGUSON: Fergusons in Ireland
   Chapter from Records of the Clan and Name of Fergusson, Ferguson and Fergus
   By James Ferguson and Robert Menzies Fergusson (Edinburgh, 1895) - OL

* FIACHRACH: The Genealogies, Tribes, and Customs of Hy-Fiachrach

   commonly called O'Dowda's country. Now first published from the Book of Lecan
   By Duald Mac Firbis (Dublin, 1844) - OL

* FLOWER: Flower Lineage
   extract from 'American Family Antiquity' - Vol II
   By Albert Welles (New York, 1881) - OL

On the Fomorians and the Norsemen By Duald Mac Firbis (1650)

   Part of the Book of Pedigrees (Leaghar Genealach)
   Original Irish Text, Edited with Translation and Notes by Alexander Bugge, Professor in the University of Christiania (Christiania, Norway, 1905) - OL - Ui Fiachrach Aidhne in: Wikipedia

* FREEBAIRN, FREEBORN: Freeborns of The Church of Ireland Parishes of Dromhome and Laghey

   in Co. Donegal - Diocese of Raphoe; Baptisms 1719 - 1867; Marriages 1691 - 1903; Burials 1696 - 1951
   By Peter E. McConkey (USA? 1999) - FHB

   A collection of Goudy Families - in Ireland, Goudy, Gowdie of Newtownards; emigrant families from Ireland in America
   By Hon Mahlon M. Gowdy; Ed. by Rev. G. T. Ridlon, Sr. (Lewiston, Maine, 1919) - OL

* GEALE: The Earliest Geales in Ireland 1600 - 1800
   Index of Irish Geales
   By Peter J. Clarke (Saintfield, Co. Down, last updated Apr 2011) - website

Genealogiae Regum et Sanctorum Hiberniae - The Genealogies of the Kings and Saints of Ireland

   In Irish with a Preface in English; edited from the Manuscript of Michel O'Cleirigh with appendices and an index
   By Rev. Paul Walsh, M.A. (Maynooth, Dublin, 1918) - OL - Micheal O'Cleirigh in: Wikipedia


   The Geraldines in Ireland - The Geraldines in Merioneth - Wynne, of Peniarth, Pedigree [Geraldine connection]
   'Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica' Vol I New Series
   By Joseph Jackson Howard, LL.D., F.S.A. (London, 1874) - IA - For more titles on the Geraldines see Nobility and Landed Gentry - Directories; Estate, Family Papers, Memoirs - FitzGerald dynasty in: Wikipedia

* GRACE: Grace Lineage

   extract from 'American Family Antiquity' - Vol I
   By Albert Welles (New York, 1880) - OL

* GREENHAM: The Earliest Greenhams in Ireland 1600 - 1800

   Index of Irish Greenhams; earlier post on Greenhams in Ireland 1600 - 1800
   By Peter J. Clarke (Saintfield, Co. Down, last updated Nov 2010) - website


* HARNEY: Harney's in Ireland - 1850's
   from Householder's Index and Griffith's Valuation
   By Linda Harney MacDonald (USA? 1989) - FHB

 * History of the Queen's County

   with a History of the Ancient Septs of the County - the O'Mores, O'Dunns, O'Kellys, O'Gormans, O'Lawlors, O'Byrnes, O'Dempseys, Fitzpatricks, O'Duffs, O'Brennans, O'Delanys, and Mac Evoys, with other illustrious Families of Irish Origin; also an account of some Noble Families of English Extraction
   By Daniel O'Byrne (Dublin, 1856) - AAI - Short review of this book on AAI

History of Clare and the Dalcassian clans of Tipperary, Limerick, and Galway
   Familes of: O'Loghlen, O'Connor, O'Hynes, O'Daly, O'Brien, MacNamara , McMahon, Cahane or Keane, MacClancy, MacCurtin, O'Hehir, O'Grady, O'Dea, O'Griffy, O'Quin, MacBrody, MacGorman, Bridgeman, etc.
   Pedigrees: John MacNamara, MacMahon of West Corcabaskin, MacGorman, O'Brien
   Mention of: O'Davorens, Duald MacFirbis, Earl of Thomond, Dr. James Neylan, John MacMahon, Jesuit, etc.
   By P. White (Dublin, 1893) - OL

* HOLLINGSWORTH: Hollingsworth Register - Vol 3 No. 4 - Vol 7 No.1 - Vol 7 No. 3 - Vol 8 No. 2 - Vol 10 No. 2 - Vol 11 No. 2 - Vol 11 No. 3 - Vol 12 No. 4 - Vol 14 No. 1 - Vol 15 No. 1 - Vol 15 No. 2 - Vol 16 No. 1 - Vol 16 No. 4 - Vol 17 No. 3 - Vol 17 No. 4 ...more vols at FHB
   Irish, English, American, Canadian records relating to the name Hollingsworth; Gorey Registers, Arklow family, Rathfryland family etc.
   By Henry Albert Hollingsworth (Inglewood, California, 1967 - 1981) - FHB

   Scotland, Ireland, England, America
   By I. Boyd (Chicago, 1908)

The Indestructible Nation
   A Survey of Irish History from the English Invasion... the Overthrow of the Clans
   By Patrick Sarsfield O'Hegarty (Dublin, London, 1918) - OL


* KAVANAGH: The Clan Kavanagh, Temp. Henry VIII
   The Journal of the Kilkenny and South-East of Ireland Archaeological Society 1858 - 1859
   By Herbert Francis Hore, Esq. (Dublin, 1859) - OL

* KAVANAUGH: The Ancient House of Kavanaugh

   As represented in Ireland, England, France, Prussia and America
   By Anna T. Poynter Kavanaugh (USA? 1908) - IA

* KENNEDY: Kennedy Family

   Scottish and Irish origins; from an original manuscript 'Historical and Genealogical Account of the Principal Families of the Name of Kennedy'
   By Robert Pitcairn (Scotland, undated) - FHB

* KING: A Memoir of the Noble Family of King

   extract from The History of Ireland Vol. I - The Parish of Boyle
   By John D'Alton Esq. (Dublin, 1845) - OL


     an Irish Family through the Ages
     By Donnchadh Padraig O' Maolalaidh, Chief Shanacha of his Clann (1941) - OL
    Journal of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society
     By Miss J. Martyn (Galway, 1903?) - OL

* LINN: 
A History of a Fragment of the Clan Linn and a Genealogy of the Linn and Related Families
   By Dr. George Wilds Linn (Lebanon, Pennsylvania, 1905) - OL

* LINNANE, LYNANE, LYNON, LENON, LEONARD: Some 19th Century Records
  pertaining to the Linnane Families of the Ballybunion Region of Co. Kerry
   By Dennis Ford (Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, microfiched 2003) - FHB

MacAULEY, McCAULEY: Clans of Ireland - website
Mac MAOLÁIN: Clan (Mc)Mullen website - Wikipedia
   - History of the Name MacCarthy
      By J. D. Williams (Dublin, Cork, 1978) - FHB - MacCarthy dynasty in: Wikipedia - McCarthy (surname) in: Wikipedia
   - The Life and Letters of Florence MacCarthy Reagh, Tanist of Carbery, MacCarthy Mor
      with some portion of 'The History of the Ancient Families of the South of Ireland'
      By Daniel MacCarthy (London, 1867) - FHB
     Extract from Gleanings from Irish History
     By William F. T. Butler, M.R.I.A. (London, 1925) - HT
   - The MacCarthys of Munster
      the Story of a Great Irish Sept
      By Samuel Trant McCarthy, D.L., J.P., M.R.I.A. - 'The MacCarthy More' (Dundalk, 1922) - FHB
   - MacCarthy More
      or the fortunes of an Irish Chief in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth; '...It is neither story, nor biography, neither all truth, nor all fiction, but a mixture of all...'
      By Mrs. J. Sadlier (New York, 1868) - OL - List of monarchs of Desmond in: Wikipedia - Terence Francis MacCarthy, of Morocco, who's claim to the title 'The MacCarthy Mor' was initially accepted, then nullified by the Irish Genealogical Office, in: Sean Murphy's Irish Clans and Chiefs John Grenham's Your Family Tree - Wikipedia - Clan MacCarthy Society - website

* MacDERMOT, MacDERMOTT: A Memoir of the Family of "MacDermot" or "MacDermott"
   extract from The History of Ireland Vol. I - The Parish of Kilronan
   By John D'Alton Esq. (Dublin, 1845) - OL

* MacDONNELL: A Collection of Poems in Honor of the MacDonnells of Kilkee and Killone

   in the County of Clare; written on different occasions (births, deaths, marriages, etc.) by the Clare Bards; in Irish with English translations
   Collected and edited by Brian O'Looney for Major Mac Connell (Printed for Private Circulation only, Dublin, 1863) - IA - Mac Diarmata in: Wikipedia

* MacDONNELL: An Historical Account of the MacDonnells of Antrim
   Including Notices of some other Septs, Irish and Scottish.
   By George Hill (Belfast, 1873) - OL

* MacDONNELL: Notes on the Ruins of Dunluce Castle
   also Some Historical Notes of its Builders - The MacUillins (anglicised MacQuillin) and MacDonnells
   By W. H. Lynn and Francis Joseph Bigger, M.R.I.A. (Belfast, 1905) - OL - MacDonnell of Antrim in: Wikipedia - MacDonnell (surname) in: Wikipedia

* MACKENZIE: History of the Mackenzies

   with Genealogies of the Principal Families of the Names; The Fitzgerald Myth Disposed of
   By Alexander Mackenzie, M.J.I. (Inverness, new, revised, extended ed. 1894) - OL

* MacKERNAN, KERNAN: MacKernan of [the Barony of] Tullyhunco

   County Cavan; split from the Ó'Rourkes abt. 6th century; Pedigree of Bryan Kernan, Gent. of Ned, Co. Cavan who d. 1766; ancestors to Eocha Muighmhedhon who d. 368; descendants to late 19th century
   By John Devereux Kernan (Hamden, Connecticut, 1993) - FHB

* MacLEAN: A History of the Clan MacLean
   from its first settlement at Duard Castle, in the Isle of Mull (Scotland), to the present period; some mention of settlers in Ireland
   By J. P. MacLean (Limited Edition, Cincinnati, 1889) - OL - Clan Maclean in: Wikipedia

* MacNAGHTEN, MacNEILL: Gleanings in Family History from the Antrim Coast

   By Geo. Hill, The Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Vol. 8 (Belfast, 1860) - IA - Macnaghten Baronets in: Wikipedia - Clan MacNeil in: Wikipedia

   - McManus Family - Genealogy of MacManus and Maguire
      pedigrees extracted from Records preserved in Ulster's Office, Dublin Castle quoted in 'Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica' Vol I New Series
      Edited by Joseph Jackson Howard, LL.D., F.S.A. (London, 1874) - IA
   - Genealogical Memoranda... Sept of MacManus
      By Charles Sotheran (Privately printed London, 1871) - OL

* MacNAMARA: The Story of an Irish Sept
   Their Character and Struggle to Maintain their Lands in Clare.
   By a Member of the Sept (London, 1896) - OL - MacNamara in: Wikipedia

* MacSWEENEY: Leabhar Chlainne Suibhne
   an account of the MacSweeney families in Ireland, with pedigrees. In Irish and English
   By Rev. Paul Walsh (Dublin, 1920) - OL - Description of Leabhar Clainne Suibhne in: Wikipedia - Clan Sweeney in: Wikipedia

   The Clan of the MacQuillins of Antrim
   See also Vol. 9 (Journals - General) 'The Macquillins of the Route'
   By M. Webb, The Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Vol 8 (Belfast, 1860) - IA - McQuillan in: Wikipedia


McGRATH: Clan McGrath of Ulster website
* McAULIFFE: McAuliffe Genealogy - Vol II
   Timothy Joseph McAuliffe b. Knockacummer, Ireland, 1916; d. New Zealand, 2000; collection of McAuliffe of Co. Cork data, some handwritten
    By Judith Ann Wood McAuliffe (2012) - FHB

* McDOWELL, ERWIN, IRWIN: History of the McDowells, Erwins, Irwins and Connections

   By Hon. John Hugh McDowell (Memphis, 1918) - OL

* McFIRBIS: The Genealogies, Tribes, and Customs of Hy-Fiachrach
   By Duald Mac Firbis with translation and notes by John O'Donovan (Dublin, 1844) - OL

* McGRADY: McGrady - Index to some 800 McGradys

   from the Records and Correspondence collected over a 20 year period; includes some surname variants
   By L. J. McGrady (Toledo, Ohio, 1986) - FHB

* McGREGOR, GREGG: Inventory Clan Gregor Centre Archive

   resources for Irish McGregors, Greggs
   National Library of Scotland (Edinburgh, 2011) - Website

* McINERNEY: The McInerney Sept of Thomond

   By Luke McInerney, M.A. (no details) - Website - McInerney in: Wikipedia

* McPIKE, PIKE, HALLEY, McDONALD, STEWART: Extracts from British Archives

   on the families of Halley, Hawley, Pyke, etc; including Irish records
   By Eugene F. McPike (Reprinted from 'The Magazine of History', New York, 1909) - FHB


   The Maguries in Fermanagh
   also the Lords of Enniskillen; pedigree; continued on p. 209 and subsequent vol(s) (see Journals - General)
   By the Earl of Belmore, Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Vol. III (Belfast, 1897) - IA
   Me Guidhir Fhearmanach - The Maguries of Fermanagh
   a fragment dated 1716; in Irish and English
   Leir an Athair Padraig Ua Duinnin (Baile Atha Cliath - Dublin, 1917) - IA

* MARMION: Marmion Descents

   Being the Noble and Royal Ancestors of the Marmion Family in Ireland; descendants of Sir Robert Marmion who came to Ireland with Strongbow 1169 - 1172
   By Chevalier William F. K. Marmion, Captain-of-the-Nation (Savannah, Georgia, 2005) - FHB

* MARTIN: Martin

   extract from 'American Family Antiquity' - Vol III
   By Albert Welles (New York, 1880) - OL

The Midland Septs and the Pale

   (A 'sept' is a group of families derived from a common ancestor)
   By F. R. Montgomery Hitchcock (Dublin, 1908) - OL

Miscellany of The Celtic Society
   including several ancient pedigrees - McCarthy, O'Driscoll, O'Sullivan; the Genealogy of Corca Laidhe
   By John O'Donovan, Esq., L.L.D., M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1849) - OL

* MONTGOMERY: Montgomery Families: Irish Notes
   from p.14
   By Robert H. Montgomery (reprint from New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 1958) - FHB

* MORTIMER: Mortimer Lineage

   extract from 'American Family Antiquity' - Vol II
   By Albert Welles (New York, 1881) - OL

* MULLOY, O'MULLOY: A Memoir of the Family of "Mulloy" or "O'Mulloy"

   extract from The History of Ireland Vol. I - The Parish of Ardcarne
   By John D'Alton Esq. (Dublin, 1845) - OL


* NANGLE: Nangle ...and then some
   Normandy, Wales, Ireland; descendants in Canada, USA
   By John J. Nangle (Port Washington, New York, 1997) - FHB

Notes on the Ruins of Dunluce Castle
   also Some Historical Notes of its Builders - The MacUillins (anglicised MacQuillin) and MacDonnells
   By W. H. Lynn and Francis Joseph Bigger, M.R.I.A. (Belfast, 1905) - OL


O'DWYER: The O'Dwyer Clan - website
O'MORE: The O'More Clan Society website
* O'BANNON, O'BANON, O'BANION: The O'Bannon Genealogist
   a quarterly magazine; Vol I No. I
   By Mildred Ames (Clearfield, Utah, 1986?) - FHB

* O'BRENNAN: The O'Brennans and the Ancient Territory of Hy-Duach

   Transactions of the Ossory Archaeological Society
   By the Rev. Nicholas Murphy (Kilkenny, 1879) - IA

      with... a genealogical table of their several branches
      By John O'Donoghue, A.M. (Dublin, 1860) - HT
   - The O'Briens
      By W. A. Lindsay, Esq., (London, 1876) - IA
   - The Royal O'Briens - A Tribute
      By Various authors, O'Brien Clan Association (Cratloe, Co. Clare, 1992) - FHB
      extract from The O'Briens of Machias, Maine
      By Thomas Hamilton Murray (Boston, 1904) - IA

* O'BYRNE: The Clan O'Byrne of Leinster AD 400 - 1700
   A Compilation of Available Historical Information
   By Paul J. Burns (Lochar, Isle of Colonsay, Argyll, 2001) - FHB

* O'CATHAIN, O'KANE: Some Account of the Sept of the O'Cathans

   of Ciannachta Glinne-Geinhin; Now the O'Kanes of Londonderry; continued on p. 265 and subsequent vol(s) (see Journals - General)
   The Ulster Journal of Archaeology (Belfast, 1855) - - HT

* O'CARROLL: Genealogy of the O'Carrolls'
   Appendix to Vol II of Fiorsgeul na n-Errione... An authentic history of Ireland..
   By Eoin Ua Chearbhshuil (Chicago, 1903) - OL
   and their descendants
   By Roderic O'Conor, Esq. (Dublin, 1861) - IA

* O'CONOR: The O'Conors of Connaught
   An Historical Memoir
   By John O'Donovan, LL.D. and Rt. Hon. Charles Owen O'Conor Don (Dublin, 1891) - IA

* O'DALY: A Historical Sketch of the Family of O'Daly

   Included in 'The Tribes of Ireland: A Satire by Aenghus O'Daly; with poetical translation by the late James Clarence Mangan'
   By John O'Donovan, LL.D., M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1852) - OL

* O'DALY: History of the O'Dalys

   the story of the ancient Irish sept; the race of Dalach of Corca Adaimh
   By Edmund Emmet O'Daly (New Haven, Connecticut, 1937) - HT

* O'DEMPSEY: An Account of The O'Dempseys

   Chiefs of Clan Maliere
   By Thomas Mathews (Dublin, 1903) - IA

* O'DEVLIN: The Story of an Irish Sept - The O'Devlins of Tyrone

   now represented by the families of Devlin, Develin, Develyn, D'Evelyn, Develen, Develan, Develon, Devellen, Devellin, etc.
   By Joseph Chubb Develin (Ó'Doibhiléin) (2nd Ed. Philadelphia, 1947) - HT

* O'DOWD: The Genealogies, Tribes, and Customs of Hy-Fiachrach

   Commonly called O'Dowda's Country
   By Duald Mac Firbis with translation and notes by John O'Donovan (Dublin, 1844) - OL

* O'DUBHDA, O'DOWD, O'DOWDA, DOWD, DOODY: The O'Dubhda Family History

   includes some pedigrees of early holders of the name
   By Conor MacHale (Inniscrone, 1990) - Borrow this book from OL

* O'FLYNN, FLYNN, FLINN, LINN: A History of The O'Flynns

   The 4 strongholds of the O'Flynns in Ulster, Connacht and 2 in Co. Cork
   By Charles Patrick Flynn (Patterson, New York, 1994) - FHB

* O'HANLON: A History of the O'Hanlons

   typewritten history of the Irish sept
   By Monroe H. Handlin (Riverdale, North Dakota, 1954) - HT


   The Tribes and Customs of Hy-Many commonly called O'Kelly's Country
   from the Book of Lecan (1418); with map
   With a Translation and Notes by John O'Donovan (Dublin, 1843) - OL
   Notes on the Family of O'Kelly
   Journal of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society
   By Richard J. Kelly (Galway, 1905) - OL

* O'MAHONY: A History of the O'Mahony Septs of Kinelmecky and Ivagha

   By Rev. Canon O'Mahony, Glenville, Crookstown (Cork, 1913) - OL - The O'Mahony Society - Muintir Mhathúna - website

     an Irish Family through the Ages
     By Donnchadh Padraig O' Maolalaidh, Chief Shanacha of his Clann (1941) - OL
    Journal of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society
     By Miss J. Martyn (Galway, 1903?) - OL

* O'NEILL: The O'Neills of Ballyneal

   Journal of the Waterford and South East of Ireland Archaeological Society
   By P. O'Neill, Archdeacon of Dublin (Waterford, 1906) - OL

* O'NEILL: The O'Neills of County Cork

   and their descendants from 1666 to 1998
   By Germaine C. Grady (New Jersey, 1999) - BORROW from OL

* O'SULLIVAN: Bantry, Berehaven and The O'Sullivan Sept

   By T. D. (Timothy Daniel) Sullivan (Dublin, 1908) - IA - The March of O'Sullivan Beare - O'Sullivan Clan website

* O'TOOLE: History of the Clan O'Toole (Tua Uatau) and other Leinster Septs
   By Patrick Laurence O'Toole (Dublin, 1890) - OL


Onomasticon Goedelicum - Locorum et Tribuum Hibernieae et Scotiae
   An Index, with Identifications, to the Gaelic Names of Places and Tribes
   By Edmund Hogan, S.J. (Dublin, 1910) - FHB


* PARSONS: Notes on Families and Individuals of the name of "Parsons"
   ...an endeavour to trace the Pedigree of Richard Parsons of Carrigogunnell, County Limerick; who with his brothers William and Joseph, were resident in the Counties of Cavan, Leitrim and Fermanagh in A.D. 1700, and thereabouts. Calendar of Wills
   By _________ Parsons (London, 1903) - FHB

* PIGOTT: Pike-Heads and Pick-Axes - A Book of Pigott Families
   in England, Ireland and Australia; Stray Pigotts... Musicians of Dublin; Pigott of Dysart and of Chetwynd, Co. Cork; Pigott's of Loughrea, Co. Galway; Pigott of Slevoy, Co. Wexford; Antigua, West Indies; Pigott of Dublin and New York; Pigotts, Missionaries in Ceylon; Pigotts emigrate to New South Wales
   By Chris Pigott (Potts Point, 2000) - FHB - Chris Pigott blog


* REYNOLDS: Notes on the Mac Rannals of Leitrim and their Country
   The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland
   By the Rev. Joseph Meehan, C.C. (Dublin, 1904) - OL


* SENNETT, SINNOTT, SIONÓID, SYNNOT: Sennett, Sinnott, Sionóid, Synnot and Related Surnames
   Traces this Flemish surname to Wales, then County Wexford, Ireland in 1167; histories of prominent persons of the name in Australia, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Pennsylvania and Quebec
   By Nigel H. Sinnott (Alexandra, Victoria, Australia, 1999) - FHB

The Septs Vol 20 No 3 - Beara Peninsula; Co. Monaghan - Vol 21 No 3 - Co. Armagh - The Septs Vol 24 No. 1 - Co. Galway - Again - The Septs Vol 25 No. 1 - Tipperary - The Septs Vol 26 No. 1 - Limerick - The Septs Vol 27 No. 1 - Census Substitutes

   Irish Genealogical Society, International (St. Paul, Minnesota, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006) - website, FHB

* SHANNON: Shannon Searchers Vol IV
   Shannon immigrants to USA
   By Joyce S. Bridged (USA, 1990) - FHB

* SHAW: Shaws of Terenure

   The Irish Branch of the Shaws from' Memorials of the Clan Shaw
   By William G. Shaw (Printed for Private Circulation, Forfar, Scotland, 1891) - OL

* SHERLOCK: The Sherlocks of Ireland and Wales
   numerous Sherlock families discussed from Meath, Kildare, Dublin, Wexford, Waterford, Cork; also Wales, Canada, USA, New Zealand
   By Arian E. Collins (San Diego, California, 2011) - website

* SHINE: History of the Shine Family in Europe and America

   One-name study of Shine families in Ireland, England, Scotland, USA
   By John W. Shine (Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, 1917) - OL

* SLOAN: The Irish Family Name Sloan

   The History of a Celtic Name
   Submitted by June Macrae (nee Sloan) (Australia? 2007) - website

* STOKES: Stokes Lineage

   extract from 'American Family Antiquity' - Vol I
   By Albert Welles (New York, 1880) - OL


* TAAFFE: The Ancestry of President Taft
   discussion of Taaffe of Ireland, 13th century Arms of Nicholas Taaffe; extract from 'Journal of American History' p. 413
   By Mabel Thacher Rosemary Washburn (New York, 1911) - FHB

* TENISON, TENNYSON: A Memoir of the Family of "Tenison" or "Tennyson"

   extract from The History of Ireland Vol. I - The Parish of Kilronan
   By John D'Alton Esq. (Dublin, 1845) - OL

The Tribes of the Silmurray Under O'Conor

   Journal of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society
   By H. T. Knox, M.R.I.A. (Galway, 1906) - OL

The Tribes and Territories of Ancient Ossory
   Comprising the portions of O'Heerin's and O'Dugan's Topographical Poems which relate to the Families of that District
   By John O'Donovan, LL.D., M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1851) - IA

* TULLY: Clan Tully Association - Cumann Chlainne Uí Mhaoiltuile - website


   - Notes on the Unthank family of Limerick
     By Noel Murphy (Limerick, Undated) - LCC

   - Index to Whiteside(s) Deaths, Ireland 1864 - 1921
     and Deaths, Northern Ireland, 1922 - 1929
   - Names from Selected Irish Sources
   Vol I The General Records
   By Don Whiteside (Nepean, Ontario, Canada, 1983, 1992) - FHB
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